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Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Dayak Kenyah village

Called Dayak, maybe that came dibenak tribes who lived in the interior forests of Borneo that are difficult to reach. As with the Dayak Kenyah, you can simply come to the northern city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Dayak precisely in the township, village Pampang.

Dayak Kenyah village is quite easy on the visit. You do not need to ride down the mountain let alone out into the jungle. Because the township is located about 20 km from the town of Samarinda and it can also be reached by vehicle because the road is smoothly paved.

In fact the Dayak tribe who lived in the Village is a sub-ethnic Pampang Dayak Kenyah. Initially the area is forest, but after the residents of the village of Long Dayak Kenyah Us, Apokayan, Joomla Templates numbering 35 people migrate, the area was later expanded into what it is today. Until now, residents Pampang already around 1000 inhabitants. Despite receiving modern culture from the outside, its citizens remain firmly maintain this tradition so that the township made Pampang Cultural Village by the government of Samarinda.
Dayak tribe of Borneo throughout this time amounted to some 19 tribes. Each tribe has a leader (headman) and different customs. So also with the Dayak Kenyah tribe who lived in the Village this Pampang.

Residents Dayak Kenyah in Pampang retain his ancestral culture, such as weaving, carving, and making various crafts. In this village was still there Lamin (typical Dayak longhouse). For tourists who want to buy souvenirs, in the Village Pampang many people who peddle a variety of knick knacks from small to large such as key chains and wooden sculptures.

Every holiday, the Dayak people held a variety of traditional dances such as Tari Kancet Lamin welds, Kancet Punan First Lieutenant, Kancet Nyelama Sakai, Hudog, Manyam, Pamung Tawai, Hornbill, and dance LELENG.

Lucky when Travel Club (TC) visit to the village is being held on an annual traditional event Pelas Year alaq also called Tau. Pelas This year is the pronunciation of gratitude to God after the fall harvest festival every June, but dates vary depending on a good day.

In the event begins greeting chiefs and performing traditional ceremonies and traditional dances Dayak Kenyah tribe. The dancers of the children to the elderly with special musical accompaniment Dayak Kenyah tribe. Dayak Dancer in Pampang Cultural Village is often invited to fill the anniversary events such as the embassies of Indonesia in Japan, China, America, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and others.

Kenyah Dayak life Pampang Cultural Village as well as other communities. They know the technology and many also work in private or in government offices. Even in the villages are living as well as other Dayak tribes and Benuag Tunjung and Banjar and Bugis.

Habit for them to remain alive to preserve the culture and mingle with other people making this attractive village and become a tourist destination as well wisnus and foreign tourists visit to East Kalimantan.

So if you do not have much time to look at the lives of indigenous dayak, dayak tattoo people, long ears, Lamin-carving and measuring both want to buy souvenirs typical of Dayak in the interior, it seems you are quite the Pampang Cultural Village, Samarinda only.

Travel Tips

To come to the Cultural Village Pampang, you need to hire a taxi (the term for a rental car, not generally a metered taxi) or can be done with the use of motor vehicles through the streets of Samarinda-Bontang shaft. This cultural Village is located 5 km from the road axis.

The attraction can be witnessed is Lamin or traditional house of Dayak tribes and the dances and ceremonies of the indigenous Dayak Kenyah. Every Sunday there are cultural events that can be witnessed by the visitors, the event begins at 14:00 noon until finished. Try to be polite to the Dayak to interact. Usually when you want to capture the Dayak Kenyah elder or person will ask for their long berkuping benefit approximately 20-50 rupiah.


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